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Mimaki FinecutMimaki FineCut plugin cutting software


The definitive cutter plugin for Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator that turns your design software into a powerful cutting applicatio.



Mimaki FineCut
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Product Specifications

FineCut for CorelDraw

FineCut for Illustrator

Compatible Applications

CorelDRAW! X5 on PC

Adobe Illustrator on Mac & PC
OS Compatibility

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Mac OS 9.2.2,
Mac OS X 10

Applicable cutters
CF Series (CF2, CF3)
Suggested CPU
Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz or more
Suggested Memory
1Gb or more
Suggested HDD Space 30Gb or more
Interface USB 1.1 / 2.0

Product Introduction

Mimaki FineCut
Mimaki’s heritage in cutting plotters is long standing; with a range that includes options from 610mm desktop cutters, through production sign making machines up to 1.6m wide and on to 3.1m bed length routers. Alongside their build and output quality, the other common feature is the free cutting software that is packaged with all models – Mimaki FineCut. 

 A cross platform application, it plugs in to industry standard design programs Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW! – providing core signmaking features within an easy to use and powerful environment. The Illustrator version is capable of running on either a Mac or PC (with the Corel version being PC only) and integrates fully with Mimaki’s RasterLink Pro RIP software.

Die cutting with Mimaki FineCutPrint and cut workflow when used in conjunction with the Mimaki CJV30 integrated printer / cutter is simple – design your decal or label in your graphics package and easily apply a cut path to the file which creates a new layer. This layer, along with the print image layer is then sent to the RIP program and the automated process continues, allowing a practically unattended machine to produce rolls of accurately cut output. Important procedures such as the adjustment of clamp pressure between printing and cutting, the number of media clamps used and the registration of the design can all be preset allowing the operator to simply send the file to the machine and walk away.    

The software takes care of the number of impressions of the design, the speed and pressure of the blade and any sheet off requirements the operator may have.

 Mimaki FineCut is not just about simple outline cut paths – all Mimaki’s cutting plotters feature a patented die-cut procedure allowing a second cut path to be produced that goes all the way through the media and its backing sheet. The blade pressure lifts and falls, alternating along the path, leaving tiny tabs to hold the decal in place. This combination of FineCut and the die cut process deliver an outstandingly profitable solution for producing runs of creatively impressive labels or decals. This process makes the traditional alternative of manufacturing bespoke dies redundant for all but the largest of print and cut runs.  

Print and Die Cut with a MimakiSuch long runs of multiple stickers can be a potential minefield but with the Mimaki software combined with the cutters’ continuous mark registration feature, nests of labels cut many metres down the roll are as accurately produced as the first batch. After each nest has been registered (using the cutters’ photo-electric eye) the cutter performs any re-orientation to remove the effects of media stretch, feed or misalignment and cuts accordingly. This continual re-registration substantially minimises the margin for error ensuring even very fine cutlines can be consistently reproduced.

In addition to its print and cut workflow, Mimaki FineCut also allows customers to cut coloured vinyl with ease – creating even complex designs and motifs quickly and accurately. Weed lines, shadow effects and overlaps can be swiftly included in a design ensuring the finished product is simple to apply to a vehicle, shop front or signboard.

Product HighlightsMimaki FineCut cutting software

  • Direct and simple cutting using data from CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator.
  • With the use of "import" or "export" of cutting conditions, the cutting conditions can be stored for reuse.
  • Making a cutting line to remove residue of media easily
  • The tiling function makes it possible to perform divisional cutting of lengthy material.
  • The trapping function makes it possible to set the overlap space easily.
  • Output of multi--colored design on a color or layer basis
  • Preview enabling intuitive operation
  • Registration of cutting conditions (speed, cutting force and offset) for each cutting sheet
  • Sorting function to minimize useless movement of the cutting plotter
  • Applicable to cutting plotters with mark sensor, allowing accurate contour cutting of seals, stickers and other patterns

Further Information

Tech Services

We love your Mimaki as much as you do!Hybrid's Technical Services Commitment

At Hybrid, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and technical support. Our technical team continually strives to support you, your staff, your business and your customers.

The team currently comprises ten full time service engineers with unrivalled knowledge and expertise in Mimaki products, strategically placed around the country to provide the fastest possible response times, regardless of your location.

All Hybrid's technical staff are directly employed by Hybrid. Able to respond immediately to telephone enquiries, with significant in-house and in-field response teams, we are totally committed to ensuring that in the unlikely event you have a problem with your machine, it's back up and running as quickly as possible.

U1-technical-logoBecause Hybrid is the only company in the UK & Ireland with direct links to Mimaki, genuine Mimaki parts and technical hardware and software training, we are right at the cutting edge and best placed to support you.

Hybrid uses the latest CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to ensure the fluid transition of all technical calls and are currently pioneering web based Remote Log-in Software to allow live viewing of your computer; responding faster and often without the need for a site visit.

A call to Hybrid Technical Support will be handled by a team of experienced and knowledgeable Mimaki trained technical personnel.

FineCut - Free Trial

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All versions below are Windows Vista 64bit and Windows7 32bit/64bit compliant.

FineCut 8 for CorelDRAW!

FineCut 8 for Adobe Illustrator

FineCut 8 for Adobe Illustrator

(X5 Compliant)

(CS5 Compliant - PC)

(CS5 Compliant - Mac)

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